Recently all parents of 12th grade students in Palisades, Pennridge and Quakertown school districts received information from members of the UBHCHY Coalition reminding them to be smart and safe this summer when hosting parties for their child who may be celebrating their recent graduation.  The campaign is called Parents Who Lost the Most, a public service with materials developed by Ohio Parents for Drug Free Youth.  The following letters were signed by all police chiefs, school superintendents, school principals and UBHCHY steering committee members from each community:

2013 Letter Palisades

2013 Letter Pennridge

2013 Letter Quakertown

The latest results from our Upper Bucks Youth Survey in regards to teen substance abuse show that while current 8th grade, prior 30 day alcohol use is at its lowest level since 2002, a disturbing trend is starting to appear for high school use. Click on the “contributions” tab.

Substance Abuse Rate

The video on the right hand column of this page highlights the Parents Who Host Lose the Most message.  Parents are encouraged to print Parent Tips  and read them then share with other parents how they handle the issue of celebrating their child’s graduation.  Just this week the following article Parents Can Prevent Teen Substance Use Despite Doubts appeared in USA Today about the influence that parents possess in regards to encouraging healthy choices for their child.