Parent Chat Update

A group of Palisades parents gathered on January 5th at the Ottsville Fire Company for a UBHCHY Coalition’s Parent Chat. The topic for the evening was Crime and Our Youth and the guest speakers were police officers from Upper Bucks County.  Officer Matthew Reiss of the Hilltown Police Department hosted the event and was joined by Sergeant Matthew Phelan and Officer Mark Compas of the Tinicum Police Department.

The officers provided information about crime that our youth currently face. In particular, the officers shared their experiences of crime that takes place on the Internet. They cautioned parents to be involved with their children’s use of the Internet; to be aware of what their children are posting online and to personally join FaceBook and other social media outlets so they have knowledge of the happenings of their children and their children’s friends. Additionally, parents should be aware of cyber crimes such as credit card scams, the sale of illegal drugs and the existence of child predators who roam the net looking for victims.

Other topics such as the prevention of underage drinking, illegal drug use and the recent string of robberies in the area were also discussed.  Like all Parent Chats, this meeting encouraged a lively conversation among the parent attendees. The officers and parents all agreed on the importance of open and sustained communication with our children about crime. As always, parental involvement and monitoring of activities were emphasized as deterrents to crime.  If you are interested in participating in a Parent Chat please contact Judi Pason at

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